Total Snooker is Like Having a Real Snooker Table in Your Pocket

Total Snooker

Snooker is not as simple or as straightforward as billiards. The rules are not only more complex, but also more difficult to follow. Paying attention to the whole table means trying to keep track of more than twenty balls at the same time. It takes a lot of skill and practice to play snooker effectively, especially if you are trying to rack up high score plays. Learning how to hit the cue ball to line up shots is a must-have skill that the game actually manages to teach players -at least those who can manage to understand enough of the complex controls.

Just Like the Real Thing

While you will not have to walk all around a big pool table or have to wield the stick, Total Snooker has all the basic elements of pool physics to bring the real life experience to your mobile phone. For advanced and veteran level players, this is a great thing as you can actually get to perform complex plays which are often difficult to do on other snooker simulations. Sadly, the user interface is not as intuitive or as easy to learn as one would think, so a bit of time and patience is certainly needed if you want to be able to learn and master the game.

Obviously, it takes time to learn how to play Total Snooker, and the good thing is that once you get the basic hang of the controls, making shots in the game is more consistent and reliable than having to do it in real life. This is particularly true when it comes to adding spin to the balls -if you are not use to making shots with a cue stick, there is a huge chance you can push it the wrong way. On the other hand, one a mobile app, it all becomes a simple matter of tapping the screen as needed.

A Great Learning Tool

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We love the fact that the game allows for a lot of snooker playing variations. You can alter the game's various details -like the pool size, which means that you can easily set up quick games that can resolve quickly. And this is a big help for getting better as finishing frames fast feels more encouraging to long term play. Playing against the computer AI is certainly challenging as it is able to pull off a lot of good shots consistently. The good thing is that you can adjust the difficulty so that it makes more mistakes.

The way that the game's basic rules translate so easily to real life makes this a good introductory or practice tool for players. This is pretty important since the rules for snooker can get quite complex unless you practice it. But in a nutshell, it's basically reds-colors-reds-colors. But players also have to take into account that different colors have different point values and that potting a colored ball mean having it put back into play again. Also, potting a colored ball aside from the first one you hit on your turn is not allowed. This basically means that shooting wildly in the hopes of potting random balls in the chaos is generally not a good idea.

We love the way that the UI presents shots. There's a little less predictive lines being shown which can be pretty annoying especially for first time players, but this also encourages people to use the different ways of gauging angles and trajectories (distance from field, holes, etc) in order to create shots.

147, The Hard Way

Long time snooker players will be wondering if the game is consistent and solid enough to do a 147 play -and it is. This rather challenging play of being able to consistently target and pot the black colored ball after every red shot takes a lot of skill to perform -especially since you need to position the cue ball with a clear line of shot to the black one every other turn. But it is fairly doable in Total Snooker - whereas other snooker simulators for android have occasional fits of unpredictable physics coming into play. As mentioned, the computer AI is pretty good. While its plays are far from flawless, the higher difficulties leave very little room for error, and it has a very good, aggressive, score-hungry AI that keeps players on their toes.