International Snooker Pro has the Feel of a PC Port

International Snooker Pro

Various viewing angles, specific ball control systems, nice background renditions, impressive physics engine -these are some of the core factors that players would want in a snooker game, for the PC. But for a mobile phone, people are usually content with having just a bit less. With International Snooker Pro HD, there is no longer any need to compromise. The game is an impressive piece of work that allows players to play snooker anytime, anywhere -but with all the bells and trimmings of a PC game.

Time for Tegra

If you happen to have an Android Tegra device, then you are in for a treat as International Snooker Pro has a THD version exclusively for tegra powered devices. This gives the game's graphics a massive visual upgrade. Everything looks a lot more crisp and detailed, though it does get a little too artificial at some angles. Gameplay is naturally made smoother, especially in the case of the animations. Watching the balls roll, spin, and glide about the green makes you feel like you can almost reach out and touch it. For those of you wondering, the game is directly designed for Tegra 3 and 4 devices.

So Many Modes, But Snooker Trumps it all

The game is called International Snooker Pro after all, so the only tournament mode available is for snooker. Still, you can have a quick game of US style billiards (either 8 or 9 ball rules). There are no tournament or other advanced play modes for these two, but it is nice that the developers still put them in. Aside from 8 ball and 9 ball, quick mode also has regular snooker play as well.

The real fun of the game is in career mode, which is an extensive gameplay mode that covers various tournaments and more. It not only gives great scaling for you (in terms of challenging AI opponentns), but it also provides a sneak peek at the types of games that pro snooker players have to face.

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Digital Accuracy Over Manual Skill

While you still have to manually aim each shot, there is a computer guided help when putting a spin on the ball and determining the strength of your shot. This makes eash shot more accurate and does not exactly replicate the difficulties of playing the game in real life -where spins and shot strength are hard to measure with visual or motor skills. It may feel like spoon feeding at first, but considering that this is a touch screen based game, we are quite thankful for the more reliable approach to making shots.

Delivery that Counts

Looks is definitely a strong suit for this game. Aside from the already solid physics and gameplay mechanics, International Snooker Pro HD looks amazing even or large screen tablets. From the moment you line up the ball, make the shot, and the last bit of motion on the table, everything just moves and animates smoothly. You can change the camera angle and zoom at any time, allowing you to not only look at the table from any angle, but also allow you to strategize your plays. If you are quite fond of your performance in the game, there's a real time replay option that will allow you to track and follow the entire game.

The music is not as impressive however, it has that typical 'mobile app' generic feel to it. But that does not mean you are better off turning down the audio, because doing so will make you miss out on Michaela Tabb's spot-on voice overs. Yep, the angle of pro snooker sports events lends her voice to the game, something that many snooker fans should be quite familiar with.

A Good Dynamic Game

International Snooker Pro has a lot of great strengths, the visuals, voice over, gameplay modes, replay mode, and other features all make it worth investing in. Even if you are a casual pool player -and even if the only thing you have played is basic 9 ball, there is a lot to enjoy and learn from in this game.